Representing Feminism(s): Reflections on The Process

Representing Feminism(s): Reflections on The Process February 23-April 21, 2018   This past spring the Lamont Gallery hosted its third student curatorial project. Throughout the year we work with students called proctors on various gallery-related projects such as helping to plan and run events, distributing exhibition publicity, and researching and creating text for gallery signage. […]

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Dustin – Discovery – 1st Edition

Dustin – Discovery – 1st Edition Gems from the Lamont Gallery Collection   The Lamont Gallery has a collection?  – Why yes, we do! Over the years we have been going through the process of reorganizing our collection storage and reviewing the works that that we have. Our Collections & Exhibitions Manager – Dustin Schuetz […]

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Possible Subject Positions – Closing Events

Possible Subject Positions – Closing Events This exhibition tantalized the senses of gallery visitors with enormous abstract paintings, wallpaper made out of love notes, texture-rich figurative plaster sculptures, curious poetic sound installations, and almost touchable fabric pieces. Possible Subject Positions opened with an exciting visit of Masary Studio’s Sound Sculpture, which we wrote about in […]

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GIFT! 2017

  Jen Fogel’s signs and succulents pair nicely with Anna Schuleit Haber’s painting, Lamont Sequence   GIFT! Inspires Community Connections December 13, 2017 GIFT! is an annual holiday arts event at the Lamont Gallery that showcases fine craft by Phillips Exeter Academy employees. It is a gathering place for community and good cheer where PEA students, […]

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Illuminating Bodies – Interactive Sculpture at Lamont Gallery

Illuminating Bodies: Interactive Sculpture at Lamont Gallery On Friday, November 17, 2017 the Lamont Gallery welcomed Masary Studios’ Sound Sculpture for a special one day, community participatory exhibition: Illuminating Bodies. This event coincided with the opening reception for the Possible Subject Positions exhibition. The day started just like any other – until Ryan Edwards, One […]

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Queer Kids by M. Sharkey

Queer Kids By M. Sharkey September 12 – October 28, 2017 Queer Kids by M. Sharkey – our first exhibition of the 2017 school year – has received a very warm welcome from the Exeter community. This exhibition features 27 intimate portraits of young LGBTQ people created by New York portrait photographer M. Sharkey. These […]

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